The car was purchased in March 2006 in Moscow, where it was heavily used since its sale by a Moscow dealer in 1996.
10 years of active operation plus reagents multiplied by Italian metal- have done their job. Alpha I got in not very good condition, a hole in the place of the front subframe, pockets of corrosion on the rear fenders and trunk lid. Also, numerous defects in the paintwork did not leave an option , except for the localization of corrosion and complete repainting of the body, which, in the end, was done. Looking ahead, I will say that due to lack of experience and financial resources, I did not climb deep into the repair ( there were still 4 years of operation before the next repair).
Also, after the purchase, there was an increased oil fume. Verdict- the engine is subject to major repairs, which were made in 2007.