No one seems to have said it yet, but Happy New Year guys.

Hopefully if I did everything right you should have had a slicker looking email from me yesterday/today .

So its now 2019 and the site is still here, it must be about 18 years since I first started the site in one form or another. If any of you have been around the whole time you might remember the QForum? Let me know if you do.

Let me reassure you all that there are no plans at all to ever close down the site, hosting is cheap so we are here to stay.
Saying that, content on the site itself has been a little static recently, so if any of you have anything you want to share, either post it up here or send me a mail and I will get it up on the site itself.

Hopefully this year my own Q4 is going to get more of an outing, last year I think I only did around 500 miles, so with new workshop facilities and a couple of planned upgrades, I might get out and about a little more.

Great to see the old and new visit the site, and remember if there is anything you would like changed, or want to see added, just let me know.