When I bought my car the previous owner had the icv disconnected and the idle screw adjusted to compensate, but you had to hold your foot on the gas while it was cold to keep it running. I plugged the icv back in adjusted the tps and it would idle by itself cold. but many times upon start up it would idle at about 2k, whether it was cold or warm, as well as whenever it did idle at a proper rpm(which would happen randomly) it had an idle surge(rpm up and down a few hundred rpm).I have since replaced the tps, icv and the coolant temp sender in an effort to fix this and it has gotten better but Iím still getting the idle surge and when Iím driving if I let off the gas while the clutch is in it usually dies, sometimes the idle will drop really low and recover, I can keep this from happening if I throw it in neutral so I can brake with one foot and ease the idle down but itís annoying to have to do.