I haven't wrote here from some time now, but as I have started it and wrote and show so many things I have to continue.

For the next upgrade I have waited a lot of time to be completed. The car was having some middle part of exhaust system build from 2.5"(63.5mm) stainless steel with sport cat I think, but was not complete job and old rear part have cracked and two back silencers have fallen on one drive, so I needed to take care on that. And a custom stainless steel exhaust system was arranged to be build by "JS-design" from my home town, which in my opinion is the best exhaust specialist in Bulgaria and not only. I have been many times in his workshop and have seen craftsmanship and beauty of his work. Here is a link to his fb page, where you can see his creations -> JS-design. During that period I have changed the plan twice from initial one at 63mm (2.5") or 70mm (2.75") with two silencers to reach the final implementation at 3" (76mm) from bend pipe just after the turbo to the end with one custom straight through muffler and double titanium exhaust tips at 3", to match the color of the car

This exhaust system configuration was chosen to comply to the future plan for the car, which I have decided that want to start...