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    So guys how do you keep yourself motivated to keep your Q4 on the road? I'm assuming a lot of the owners on this site have a Q4 as a second car, so they languish in garages for long periods of time.

    Personally, coming on the forum helps, but so does watching car related videos on YouTube. Seeing progress on the car at the garage is a big motivating factor at the moment too.

    But, its nice to have something to look forward to, all the major shows are over for the year, in the UK at least, so what is coming up on the calendar that can keep us all fired up with our cars?
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    When i've bought my Q4 I thought it will be my second car by now, but things didnt worked out as I planned so the Q4 is my main car right now.

    I had a lot of plans back then when I bought it, some have happened but more has not but since its my main car i've got the motivation to renew/refurbish/change some parts to keep it in shape.

    Some automotive forums keeps my motivation high (I'm a bit sad I was away during this forums peektime) and I've got a car enthusiast colleague who owns 2 Alfas(145 and gtv) so i've got my daily dosage of everything related to cars

    I've quit watching regurarly F1 since 4-5 years and only enjoying that and some wtcc here and there, on the other hand started to watch some car related content on youtube this year, from aussie modding to posh vlogs and in between
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