Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and looking forward to being involved with any fun and headaches that being an Alfa fan brings. I have owned new and old Alfa's for the past 20 years and enjoyed every minute.
I have a problem with my 1999 Alfa GTV 2.0L TS I would like to share and appreciate any help ...
I bought it with an over heating issue so I have so far checked the water return which was fine, changed the thermostat for an original new unit and it seem to have improved the problem where as its now not boiling over and spitting fluid from the expansion thank.
The thing is it has been spitting water from the tail pipe from the get go and still is...it also splutters on initial start up for a few seconds, so now I am beginning to think it could be the head gasket. It runs really well when its warmed up not like you would imagine if the head gasket had gone, but still spits water from the tail pipe. I do remember reading a while back ( i dont know where ) that some guy had all the same symptoms as me and it turned out to be the inlet manifold was loose and because the Inlet gasket seals water ways too it was taking in water with the air. So now I am thinking the new thermostat may have cured the over heating problem and the water loss could be the inlet manifold. Have any of you guys had this problem ? also has anyone removed a manifold with the engine in the car and if so how difficult a job is it ? .. any help would be greatly appreciated . Cheers