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    Default Brembo 18Z 6 pistons brake calipers

    I have one pair of Brembo 18Z 6 pistons (18ZL and 18ZR) brake calipers, which sit from some time and don't see to use them in the future. These calipers are used originally on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg with discs of size 350x34 mm in wheels 18" and bigger, from where their name came. Pistons size are 30/34/38. They are aluminium monoblock, so are solid and not so heavy for its size. They are complete with all pins and clips and come with 18Z pads, which was very little used and. These calipers can also be used with 17Z pads, which a little lower.
    They have been sandblasted and custom painted with vinyl stickers and haven't been used after that. Around the brake lines probe the paint is fallen, because of some remaining brake fluid and not closed holes. Here is some actual pictures:
    Price is 400E + shipping.

    These calipers are really big and their pads respectively also, so to get an idea will add also some pictures from Internet as example (not mine)
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