Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd write a quick post on how to add your car to the new garage, but first the reason behind it. The writers of the old piece of software that we used for the garage feature have gone out of business. The old version of this software stopped working when an update was applied to the main forum, and I got no reply from the software company when it came to getting it fixed or updated so I had to look for a new solution.
Unfortunately this has meant we've lost access to all the old entries in the original garage.

So onto the new garage, you can access it from the top tabs.

garage tab.PNG

Once you get here, and as a registered user you can add a new vehicle, or as the software calls it, a ride.


Once you've clicked on this you can add a description of your car, give details of mods, and most importantly add pics.


Please let me know if this doesn't work for you, because it should.

Be great to see some more cars in the garage, they don't even need to be Alfas, I've added categories for other cars as well.