Hi everyone,

Just to keep you all updated about whats going on with the garage feature on the forum. The old DTO garage feature looks as though unfortunately it is not going to work with the new version of the forum. It also looks as though I'm not going to be able to export all of the old cars out of the database.
Whilst this is a pain, it has meant installing a new feature, VbRides, this does the same function as the old garage feature, you are able to upload pictures of your cars, have multiple cars, give details of modifications etc, and it also allows people to comment on, and rate your car. All good stuff.

You can get to the feature here : BerlinaSportivo Garage

and as a registered user you have free access to the feature. If there is anything you'd like changed, detail fields for example, or the number of cars you are allowed, please just ask as the feature is very configurable.

You can add albums under you own username still, just as @agg_aust has done recently, but they won't have the same visibility, and people won't be able to comment on them.

Over to you guys, please feel free to upload your rides, they don't need to be Q4s or even Alfa Romeos.