With the forum now being on a new version of software some of the old features have gone, but I'm looking to replace them.

User Tagging
If you want to tag a user, to notify them of something, all you need to do is put the @ symbol infrom of their name. Easy.

Photo Gallery
To replace the old Photoplog gallery from the old forum, we have a new gallery, you should be able to see it in the tabs at the top of the page. So long as you are registered you are able to create your own gallery and upload pics. From there you can link to them from the forum, or indeed anywhere.
I'm going to upload all the old pics from before so don'r worry, all the old pics will be available again soon.

I know the title of the site looks a little odd at the moment, don't worry I am working on a new design and it should be up soon.

If anyone has a feature request please just let me know.