You may be aware that I had a 33 S2 1.7 QV Sport Wagon? Well, still got it and hope to do some work to it fairly soon.

Some may be aware that I had a late S3 1.7 8v saloon in midnight blue (lovely colour) which I swapped for a burgundy S3 1.7 16v sport wagon. Not sure when I will do anything to this as it is likely to end up as a P4 (actually a Q4 in Europe, so may badge it as a rhd 33 Q4).

On Wednesday, after a train ride to Dundee, I have acquired this:

Its MOTed and taxed, and the plan is to drive it for the summer off an on and slowly do some bodywork and interior changes (recaro etc). Probably keep this one fairly original.

Dee from the 155 forum has done a huge amount of work underneath and to the suspension, and although externally a little scruffy, its a well sorted car and drives exceptionally nicely.

A link here to a rebuild thread Dee posted, including a nice gearshift mod that works very well.

So, 3 SWs at present, plus my white P4 and 16v saloon, and the P4 I am slowly stripping for spares. All run, and 3 have MOTs. having said that, I had a ride in Speedy's Q4 this week, which is awesome. Has inspired me to wake mine up again ready for next year.