There are a couple of new products in the consortium shop that may be of interest if you are planning an engine or gearbox rebuild.

Firstly we have the balance shaft removal kit. This is a multipart kit that allows for the complete removal of the balancer shafts from the engine block. The fitting of this kit requires the removal of the engine block from the car.

Second up we have a 25mm wide timing belt kit, this is a full kit to allow the use of a 25mm wide timing belt on the engine instead of the standard 19mm belt. To use this kit you need to have removed the balancer shafts from the engine, ideally using one of our balancer shaft removal kits.

And finally after you have rebuilt the engine, you need to make sure that the gearbox can handle the extra power. The simplist way to do this is to fit one of our strengthening plates. The plate braces the gearbox casing, preventing flex and allowing the gearbox to cope with the extra power.

All of these products can be found in the Consortium shop