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    Default waterspray data.

    I used my waterspray for the intercooler for the first time, last weekend at Winton. I have always wondered if they actually worked. Attached is a spreadsheet view of some run data that shows that they do!

    What the data shows is that the car developed the most power when it was run from 'cool' and the least power when it was run when already hot with no intercooler spray. The spray was ONLY used in run 3. The difference is approx 15hp.

    The Y axis is power (at the wheels) in hp. The X axis is lap number.

    .. also attached is a picture from the same runs of absolute inlet manifold temp (in degrees C) for lap four of each of the same runs. You can see that the lowest temp was run1 (car was cooler - yellow line) the highest was run2 (no intercooler spray - black line) and run3 the last run with the spray on is between the other two (red line)
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