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  1. Thank you :) The ECU support drive-by-wire...

    Thank you :)

    The ECU support drive-by-wire throttle control, but honestly haven't think much about it and considered it. Using the original throttle body and idle control valve was just...
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    Hi Christian, I have seen such inlets on front...

    Hi Christian,

    I have seen such inlets on front bumper, but for me it is hard to imagine that they are original. They are behind number plate, i.e. not visible and no flow to them, also behind them...
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    Hi Christian, Keep up with the good work :thumb:...

    Hi Christian, Keep up with the good work :thumb:

    What color will it be painted?

    "I am particularly proud of the original Q4 bumpers that I bought years ago."
    Hmm, I don't think that Q4's front...
  4. And 2nd one is also sold now.

    And 2nd one is also sold now.
  5. 1st is sold.

    1st is sold.
  6. More about Rev.2

    A little more info about small things in "Rev.2", which I just mentioned in previous post:
    - front bonnet struts was replaced with new Magneti Mareli items, which I sourced as older ones weren't...
  7. Rev.2

    Some corrections and changes have been made to the car after I have done some kilometres with it and collected some impressions of my basically new car, so will call this Rev.2 :) . The biggest and...
  8. And finally the car came to me after almost 2...

    And finally the car came to me after almost 2 years and 11 months being at two places, where have been worked on it - JS Design for exhaust and ICI Design for basically almost everything. During this...
  9. Interior additions

    Now the car have working air conditioner after restoring the system which have missing condenser, cut pipes to it and one leak have been found and fixed after testing the system. Will see how will...
  10. The ECU should have four ignition outputs to...

    The ECU should have four ignition outputs to drive them individually.

    I don't know the size, but can tell you that if you look for "perfect" fit and visual appearance, then this model is not for...
  11. Many things behind intake manifold have been...

    Many things behind intake manifold have been repositioned as can be seen from the photos. I guess that power steering tank needed some reposition and reason to be moved there is not only installing...
  12. Closer to the final

    We are getting closer to the end of performance project.

    Here is some pictures of completely assembled, highly modified engine bay.
    3155 3156

    Unexpectedly, A/F ratio wideband sensor from AEM...
  13. Fluids and tyres

    For engine oil (after break-in period) is used AMSOIL DOMINATOR 15W-50
    This is basically a racing oil with high wear protection, but the engine is not standard anymore also. Pistons for...
  14. Suspension&Brakes

    Now will go a little side of power production and distribution.

    Rear subframe was also cleaned and painted. At the same time old bushes on it was replaced with polyurethane ones from one local...
  15. WMI

    I'm wanting to push close to the limit of that setup on pump fuel and the climate here is hot, which hinder this goal. So additional system will be added to "combat" with the hot air - water-methanol...
  16. Sensors

    Some more information about additional sensors, which will be used with mentioned in previous post ECU and not only.

    I have already mentioned about ignition and fuel injection concept, which will...
  17. ECU

    In this post I will write about the brain, which will monitor and control the engine and other related systems.

    Original ECU is not bad at all and do its job very well. It use speed density...
  18. Fuel system

    The big increase in power require such of fuel flow.

    I decided to go to route with additional surge tank. Pump in the standard fuel tank will feed small surge tank, from which external fuel pump...
  19. Thread: Clutch Problem ?

    by kunev

    First "issue" look as normal wear and maybe also...

    First "issue" look as normal wear and maybe also the engine was tuned. Does the disc look worn out then if you know.
    That vibration is an issue and its cause have to be investigated after...
  20. Assembly process in the engine bay

    Now some pictures from assembly work in the engine bay.

    Front subframe have been cleaned and painted before installing it back.

    Some pictures from work on exhaust manifold
    3118 3119
  21. Cooling

    With more power came more heat and for that some improvements on cooling of different fluids have been introduced.

    Direnza performance aluminium radiator
    That is a radiator for Fiat Coupe...
  22. Turbo stuffs

    Borg Warner EFR series are rich on features from the box, but for that build some of them will be replaced with upgraded items.

    For EFR turbos with internal gate Borg Warner offer three wastegate...
  23. Turbocharger and exhaust manifold

    Next will be the source of power - turbocharger and exhaust manifold on which is mounted.

    As this is a modern build, then have to be used modern turbocharger. I haven't considered at all popular...
  24. Drivetrain

    After gearbox power distribution continue with drivetrain.

    Center differential was in perfect condition fortunately

    While driving on Spa and Nürburgring the car exhibit a lot of...
  25. Clutch and Gearbox

    I haven't posted more information here recently, because of issue with forum, but as now is fixed I will continue.

    So logically after engine came clutch and gearbox.

    As the plan is for big...
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