View Full Version : Fiat 500 launch

22-01-08, 19:46
I went to one last night....

Our dealer (Autoworld) displayed a lovely white 100bhp version with subtle stripes, I really liked it!

...but out the back was an even better red version:

(excuse the crappy cameraphone pics!)


Steve Webb
22-01-08, 20:35
I got dragged down to the local garage again today. SWMBO has decided that now that I am doing more work, she needs a car. So armed with my best French we went to see when the dualogic cars would be available. Looks like they are starting producing them in 2 weeks and its about 2 months from order to delivery.
Anyway, upshot is, looks like she is going to be getting a red 1.2 Lounge, with the ivory dash and dualogic semi-auto box.
I took a 1.2 lounge out for a spin and it seemed a really well put together car, quite chuckable and with very direct steering. Only had 66km's on the clock so didn't rev it too hard :smile: The one thing that did strike me was that when you click on the city mode steering button, you would swear the wheel wasn't connected to anything.