View Full Version : F1 2007 season.

Steve Webb
23-10-07, 09:30
Does anyone else think that there has been a lot of harm done to the F1 brand this year? All the Ferrari/McClaren spying crap, now the BMW Williams fuel stuff for the championship.

Also as much as I would have liked to see Hamilton win the championship, I think it will probably be better for him in the long run that he didn't win his rookie year.

23-10-07, 09:53
You might be right about it being best he didnt win it this year - would have meant incredible expectation on him next year. But I have so much respect for the guy, he has done an unbelievable job, yes he has one of the best cars under him, but he has shown he is a pure racer, not scared of anything on the track.

Unfortunately he was team mated with a man who was once much loved - how things turn around, Alonso has been disgraceful in some respects this year - most notably when he blocked Hamilton in the pits in Qualifying not allowing him a final lap - the stewards sorted that out though.

The whole spying thing has had masses of attention, dont know what to say about all of it - except I think Ron Dennis will be taking a hell of a long holiday over the winter - he is looking tired! Still think he is one of the greatest minds in the paddock (second best if Ross Brawn comes back for Ferrari ;))

I am a Ferrari fan at heart (closest thing to Alfa's) and although I was wanting Hamilton to take the championship I was glad to see Kimi take it over Alonso. For Kimi it was well overdue and 100% deserved!

I hope the fuel saga doesn't come to much - I don't think Hamilton wants to win the championship by default because of a tiny wrong doing by the other team, rather it was done on the track!

24-10-07, 14:42
As long ferrari is winning i couldnt care less. Hamilton was fast i give him that but he is a rookie that came in a team that at one point had the Uber car ( do to robbing ferrari) there is one or two drivers taht are faster than hamilton ( who was always boosted in the best of teams) .But as our comentator said in japan RAikonnen will win because he is tha last who goes and drinks as the best of drunks and on the next day wins races( this was said by Walter Wolf). Sorry but i think hamilton is the same bastard as alonso just hamilton dosent show his egomanica ways in his interviews.

24-10-07, 17:14
I think (with my Finnish colored glasses) that this season was the best season ever.(after Senna dies) Three man was so close to the championship table before last race. They all fight very well in every race. OK. Only four car has the opportunity to win, but still it was very exiting to watch. The last race was almost like bad Hollywood movie. Kimi was last man who can win the champion and he did it. Ferrari wins all.
I had to say that Alonso gets lot of rispect from me. It is not easy to be in the same team with that good driver as Hamilton. And then figure out that Hamilton gets all the help from the team and you get nothing. About that qualifying session, Why Hamilton take that extra lap? It was Alonsos time to get that extra lap. Alonso is racedriver. He make no friends, but he is fast. Little bit dirtygame, but only points will be calculated.
I?m Ferrari fan, so don?t take my words too seriously. :)