View Full Version : The BTCC final rounds today

Steve Webb
14-10-07, 19:31
So who else saw the Plato/Giovanardi door bashing / cutting across the grass episode today, and what did you think of it? Personally I thought there was a bit of cheating going on.


14-10-07, 21:20
I was there at Thruxton great day out

14-10-07, 23:28
Nope, missed it...what happened?


15-10-07, 19:41
Plato has always been one to knock people off the circuit if he cant get past them, and that WAS a bit of a late lunge at Gio.
........so there was no change there then really.

Steve Webb
21-10-07, 09:22
Yep Plato has always been abit tactile when it comes to his driving, but I thought it was a fairly decent 'touring car' pass abit of door handles but no real damage done, then Gio goes and cuts the corner to stop plato completing the move, and Plato thinks 'what the hell' and follows him so not to lose too much track position.
A bit dodgy I thought.

I'll just go see if I can find anything on youtube