View Full Version : Open vs Closed wheel drivers.

Steve Webb
06-09-07, 08:33
Has anyone else noticed how lots of drivers don't transfer well from racing open wheeled cars to racing closed wheeled cars (F1 to Sportscar) Is it because in open wheeled classes you need to be very very careful about not touching wheels with anyone, but in saloon or sportscar classes, a little nudging and pushing is required to make your way to the front. Or is it something else?

06-09-07, 17:46
maybe the best drivers aren't found in F1... if you bring enough sponsors you can become a F1 driver. Maybe the competition is a lot harder in sportscars...

06-09-07, 22:39
Rally drivers would appear to be the best all round drivers...didn't McRae get very close to Schumacher's time with hardly any time in the car???

Re. F1 and tintops...you may have something with the "rubbing of paint" theory...F1 drivers have to be smooth whereas tintops/rally drivers are used to throwing cars :lol: