View Full Version : Hamilton vs Alonso

Steve Webb
05-09-07, 12:49
Not which is the best driver, but do you think Alonso has got a valid argument that Hamilton is getting preferential treatment, or is he just throwing his toys out of the pram because he isn't as good a driver?

05-09-07, 14:23
His comment about how he bought half a second to the team and had no repayment was very harsh as Martin Brundel noted in the last race.

Me dad said way back last season how everyone notes him for his calmness, fairness etc, but this was all very well when under so little direct pressure - and now he has a pressure he is starting to crack!

05-09-07, 15:55
Hard to say really, But I find it hard to believe that McLaren would bring a double WC just to play second fiddle to a rookie.

Steve Webb
05-09-07, 16:03
I think part of the problem is that McLaren have brought in 2 new drivers in the same year, 1 with a big ego and a couple of WC's and one with naivety and alot of raw talent. There is going to be a clash somewhere along the line with both of them trying to establish themselves in the team.

05-09-07, 17:24
Puta needs to be put down nice that a boy agrovates the hell out of him hope this all resaults in a Ferrari Victory.