View Full Version : New Fiat 500

Steve Webb
11-07-07, 16:57
Driving past the local Fiat garage yesterday I noticed a small white car parked outside (with a big red stripe down the side), so I pulled in (doesn't take much for me to get lured into a car dealership) and there was a new Fiat 500.
They look so cool in the flesh, and so small, it looked roughly old(real) mini sized, just a little bit taller. Luckily they are going to be doing a semi-auto version as the Missus only has an Auto license, which should be out at the end of the year. And hopefully the semi auto box will be available on the Abarth version (rumoured to be 150bhp!!)
The dealer didn't have firm prices but they should range from €10500 to €14500 but god knows how much the Abarth version will be.

Can't wait to get down there and have a test drive.