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Kim Bonde
20-12-19, 16:06

I am working on a GTV 3,0 24V (model 916) .
The engine will NOT start, ( Immo is on parking for 6 month with no batteri ).
The ECU Bosch number 0 216 204 558 .

I have read ,there is a vertion with no Immo. bosch ( 0 261 203 301 ) ?

I have a Signal Generator to make the signal 60 - 2 ,

When I use the generator on BMW 325 Bosch 0 261 200 413 Motronic M 3.3.1 , and the Eprom from this ECU, I got signal for

The ECU from the GTV (0 261 204 558 M 3.7.1 ) and BMW (0 261 200 413 M 3.3.1) looks the same indside, and what I did was to put the Chip from the BMW to the GTV ECU and I got signal to Ign/Injec/pump.

But it will NOT work on the engine I no.

So the Immo is programmed into the Eprom, signal from ECU pin 88 to a Chip in the corner of the ECU.

Anybody now somthing they want to tell me ?


Kim Bonde

Kim Bonde
21-08-22, 15:39

Problem solved.

I work together with a elektronic engineer.

The ECU is powered up on the table, together with a signal generator (60 - 2).

We have diasamb.the code in the chip, and together with a emulator mounted in the chip socket, we can see where the program are working/hangs ( jump , no jump )

We have change a single adress to make it work.


Kim Bonde

23-08-22, 05:48
Wow what a dedication and knowledge, respect :thumb:
As far as I know, the ECU on later GTV 3.0 V6 24V is different than earlier one.
Your EEPROM chip was original one I guess, so your change into it must be for modification, not to fix/return to standard?

Kim Bonde
23-08-22, 07:27

Look in my first post.

The Alfa GTV vill not start , immo is on. Batteri disconected for 6 month.

I am auto-tec and have a lot of used ECU for diff.Cars.

I opened the ecu from the Alfa GTV , and found is looks the same as BMW 325 ,( 413 ecu ).

Change the eprom to the Alfa GTV. (chip is the same 27c512). and I got signal ing/fuel injec.

So is was for finding out how the program pice in the Eprom ( not EEprom ) was working.

With this change in the program we have diss able the Immo.So when you put ign on , the prosessor jumps over the immo. control and starts the engine.

Is was a org eprom but you can change what you want in the maps Ign/fuel/max rpm.

Nekst we have to find the check-sum calculation, there is one for the program and one for the maps. ( the maps cal.we have found.)

Kim Bonde

26-08-22, 11:28
So from what I understand you have disabled immobilizer and this was possible from EPROM chip's code?
Did you try or consider options to be worked on immobilizer, maybe it have "forgot" key's code?

P.S. Do you have ECUs from GTV 2.0 V6 TB or 164 2.0 V6 TB?

Kim Bonde
26-08-22, 14:34

The Immo On/Off is a program pice inside the Eprom (27c512), on GTV with NO immo chip inside The ECU.

I donīt have ECUs for GTV 2,0 V6 or 164 2,0 V6.

Immo is a problem on older Cars. BUT some spend a lot of time solving the problem.(eks Rover 820 with mems ECU) you but a other code in the immo chip inside the ECU.

I had have a problem with a Fiat Baretta with Hitachi ECU. Engie will not start when the weather was hot. Immo will not work.

I found a code to put in the immo chip inside the ECU, and dismount the immo boks , the engine starts now all the time.