View Full Version : Creating an XDF file

Steve Webb
14-11-17, 15:59
Hi all,

I had this request come in through my email the other day. Can anyone help?

But i have one Problem how can i create this XDF?I need to do an Lancia Delta Integrale.
I have tuner Pro an Also an Ostrich Eprom Emulator.

I have try to Import all Datas from your Webside and Create an Exel File but when i load this CSV i got an Error Massage from Tuner Pro.

Normally i do it manual with Win OLS find the maps and Create my XDF at my self.

I have see you have on ECU Information on Your Webside also Information about the maps wich adresse it starts and how many Rows and Lines the maps have. But are this Adresses on evry Dump the same?