View Full Version : Lancia K coupe -EVOluzione

29-09-16, 08:26
Hello. I am owner of a Lancia K coupe 16vt.

Although its time to recondition the car I decided to make a mechanical upgrade to become a mighty integrale at the 'heart'.

Here are my plans.

1.I will change the OEM petrol pump to a new bigger one... Can you suggest me a good one( for example a walbro)?

2. I will change the OEM throttle body-butterfly (55mm) to a bigger one such as from fiat coupe 16vt (63mm) or from an evo.

3. I will change the OEM injectors (Bosch 0 280 150 450) to bigger one. I have a quad of IW 158 injectors from fiat coupe. Are the 158 fine or will I have find the iw058 or bigger?

4. I will change the OEM turbo (Garrett tb2560). What type of T3 should I buy to get 260-280 PS safe. I am confused about the types of TB0367 from Thema/Evo/coupe/q4/hpe. Please tell me differences.
If I can't find any good 'big' TB0367 I 'll go for TB0361 by sierra cosworth 2wd

5. I also bought an intercooler from 16v integrale.

6. All these will be ok with a new remap and new exhaust free flow and hjs 200cpi metallic cat.

Thanks for your time