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12-06-16, 17:56
Hi guys! Is there a presentation area in this forum?
I couldn't find it.
Anyway, I'm Alberto, from Italy, a newbe of this forum.
I've got a Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Evo1 (no kat)
I have a friend with a Coupè 16v Turbo and we are trying to map its ecu.
I use Tunerpro and never had problems with the Delta ecu (Iaw 4WE).
Now with P8 4WF of Coupè...issues.

Do you have a good xdf for that?

Or at least the exact map addresses?

I've found some xdf on the web...also on this site!... but...I can't understand how they can work.
The map addresses, reading the file HEX, are from 7000 to 7FFF, while the XDfs
I found start from 8000....

Especially...the duty cycle table (called some times "matrice") is at 8DD0

The yellow box that indicates the exact point where the ecu is reading floats randomly, apparently

(for example jumping from 2000rpm ... to 6500....when the car is at idle rmps) and in any case it is always not in the right place. Really apparently random.
And above all, changing values you can obtain ecu cuts but not significant turbo curve changes.

The values in the table seems to be....turbo values....also if they are a little bit strange. For example high values also at low rpms...
Or trottle valve degrees..they start from 61.8 that appears high to me.

This is the turbo map as it appears:


10-07-17, 11:44
write pm ;) will help

30-07-17, 16:57
Contact Fc performance in the uk on Facebook or google for the web address. The guy's name is Leighton Wilson. He is a fiat coupe wizard.