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22-10-15, 20:57
Hello guys!

Got a friend that has a Lancia delta integrale 4wd 16v turbo (EVO1) that already have this mods:

-Colombi bariani camshafts maxroad st3
-i think he got better valves too
-Wossner pistons+forged conrods
-ACL Racing conrods and crankshaft bearings
-ARP M12 engine head studs
-Aftermarket head gasket for more boost
-Turbo GTX30 with external wastegate (from a audi s2)
-Injectors bocsh 440cc
-fuel pump with 4 bar pressure
-Forge intercooler similiar to the stock model
-Stock ECU but remaped for current setup
-Engine head machined with "dipling" effect, showned in the picture below (better airflow)

The car was running previously with a turbo garret GT2871R.
The problem is since i know him that he has heat problems on the engine, last year he melted a piston on a track day (wossner piston), and recently after he overhaul the engine and put the new turbo and new wossner piston set, one of the pistons broke a corner on the exchaust manifold side.

We dont know what to do prevent this problems, i think he was running with 1.5 bar boost pressure.

Does anyone changed the stock Ecu? What options do we have for this engine?

What are the best piston sets for this engine? besides wossner?

Last week he talked with a person from the deltaparts shop online concerning to this problem. They advise to put a Motec 4 ECU. (Veeeery expensive)

Since im rebuilding my Q4 too, all of this steps will help me choosing the right parts for me. Most of them are the same right?













Juan AR155Q4
28-10-15, 20:13
Doesn´t seems to be a piston problem.
I think it's a tuning problem.
Was he runing on stock ecu?

30-10-15, 17:41
Hello Juan, thank you for the reply. He was running a stock ECU with a progamable chip, and it was tuned for this setup. But as you mentioned correctly we concluded that it was done wrong. Maybe low fuel mixture.