View Full Version : Fuel pump wiring and electrical woes

16-03-14, 08:12
I want to add a relay to the fuel pump circuit to try to remedy the problems I'm experiencing with intermittent electrical problems. Adding a relay and a fuse won't be a problem, but I'm stumped as to what might be causing the symptoms.

Car stalls and behaves erratically and quite irregularly. I think it is due to power cuts to fuel pump power feed. I have changed the fuel pump less than a year ago. I have also checked and cleaned the earths. I have tried several different fuel pump and ECU relays (in the bulkhead). When the problem is "on" the fuel pump feed is pulsating and the fuel pump relay clicks in the same frequency.

I'm thinking also that the symptoms might coincide with weather conditions - when it's warm and dry everything works but when damp and cold the problems are worse.

First I suspected that the coil(s) were the culprit but changing them didn't have any effect. I might replace the plug wires just to be on the safe side.

So my question is what other places to check and what I need to double-check :) Any suggestions are welcome as the problem is very frustrating ad renders the car a useless piece of junk :tongue:

24-03-14, 19:03
As a reply to myself: the culprit is the ECU :sad-011:

I need to find another one. Any advice?

01-04-14, 06:07
maybe I cant understand well to you, I havent got well english.

why you want add a relay? car has already a fuel pump relay.
when we turn ignition key, pump run ~9 second and close.
could you explain again problem?

do you check fuel pressure when car drive?