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22-10-13, 18:56
Hi Steve, Can I please get a update for the chip I ordered?

26 July you said the chip is ready to go. End of August you informed me you are still waiting for someone in the supply line.

Any info on the 3 bar map sensor?

Since my emails were not answered?

30-10-13, 17:22

30-10-13, 18:22
I think Steve might have a lot on his plate at the moment...



30-10-13, 23:03
I am guessing a lack of internet connection. In the UK it takes about 7-10 days from the time of ordering to going live. I am sure he will have normal service resuming shortly.

02-11-13, 05:48
You are very supportive and loyal, as I was. I really went out of my way to support this forum and Steve's business.(You guys are the experts?) But certain parts was/is just not available.

But come on guys, with the money burning in my hands, this part sourcing discussion and planning is going since March. I wanted to rebuild the engine in June after I retired and wanted the parts in South Africa then. Payment was in July after Steve got it together and apart for the eprom the parts he could find, were delivered promptly. But now I am on email no66 and still haven't received the eprom and am in need of a 3 bar MAP sensor.