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27-07-13, 05:25
Hi all -

I ordered a 155 headlight stalk to replace the one in the car. Upon receiving it, I immediately installed it only to find the stalk sits less than half an inch from the steering wheel.

"That can't be right," I thought.

So I pulled it back out and compared the old one out of the car and the new one. Turns out the stalk themselves were different.

My 155Q4 is an early production (1993) with no immobilizer and no airbag. Could it be that the stalks are angled differently for the cars that came with airbags? That seems to be the most plausible explanation I could come up with, to make up for the difference in stalk angle.

See pics below. Aligned alongside each other, the newer stalk is in the background:


From the top, the newer one is on the right:

So here's the question: where would I buy, and how would I specify, the older NOS stalk?

27-07-13, 12:57
Yes, the are different.

The later cars have a steeper angle on the stalk to reach the deeper airbag equipped steering wheel.

It's something I messed about with when swapping steering wheels:

You should be able to get a second-hand stalk cheap on ebay, just look for the angled switch on the end...why are you replacing it?


27-07-13, 23:51
Wrinx - the primary reason to replace it was the stuck rear fog lamp button at the end of the stalk. Now that I've visited your links, I realize I (probably) won't destroy the stalk by trying to remove the button, and simply fixing the cause of the stickiness in the button. I'll report back.

28-07-13, 11:27
Be careful if you're pulling the buttons out it's easy to lose something or worse, break something.

Think my pictures show the stalk in a vice which is advisable if you have one.


28-07-13, 14:19
U have different types of these stalks. When i changed my stalk i found out that u have even more types with light and without. U can use from alfa 145 fl model with ligh in it.

28-07-13, 18:02
I do have a vice, but after examining the plastic on the stalk, I've decided to forego using the rear fog light for the time being :wink: There are other things to take care of on the car.