View Full Version : Post race interviews.

Steve Webb
04-11-12, 18:30
So just how long do you think the BBC are going to continue broadcasting the podium interviews of the drivers?
After a cracking unpredictable race, the interviews were a little fruity to say the least.

05-11-12, 01:22
Got to love Kimi :D

Steve Webb
05-11-12, 09:29
Yep, his team radio was hilarious during the race.

I loved the BBC teams 'please make allowances as they aren't talking in their native language' excuse at the end. Both Kimi and Seb knew exactly what they were saying.

05-11-12, 09:57
Uncharacteristic of Seb - I did wonder why he felt the need to do that.

Steve Webb
27-11-12, 10:39
Judging by the Brasil post race chat it seems as though the drivers have been told to think a little bit more about the language they use.

Nice to see JB on the top of the podium again, and good to see Massa on the podium at his home GP.