View Full Version : Experience with Squadra Chip?

11-10-12, 10:09
mates i need your help.
i think about changing the original chip with a Squadra chip form the Netherlands. my q4 has a 100% stock engine in very good original condition (80tkm). does the Squadra chip require any further mods of the engine? or do you recommend changing something? i don't want to blow the engine..as i already noticed some of you have some experience with that chip. hopefully somebody can give me some tips...?

11-10-12, 10:47
The squadra chip is developed for a standard engine as far as I know.
I've got the combi prom from them and am very happy with it.

If you change anything (injectors, cam shafts, etc) you basically need to do a remap.

The only downside, you must use RON98 petrol with this chip.

In my opnion this is a very good value for money upgrade.

11-10-12, 11:11
My opinion is kinda flawed as I don't have experience with stock chip. But I have squadra chip in my car and I'm very happy with it. My engine is stock except for the exhaust. I use RON98 anyway so it's not a problem. I haven't dynoed the car, but the car feels nippy and boost and revlimiter is upped a bit.

peter holst
11-10-12, 11:13
it is very good. I have one on my car

12-10-12, 07:32
:roll:thanks mates. i think i'm going to order the chip

the wombat
12-10-12, 18:03
Good experience with Squadra as a company generally. Had a 16v 2.0TS widey with a chip and it felt good, bit more torque and top end. They have also prepared a chip for my V6 24v conversion, using the 164 24v map but adapted to fit the 2.5 155 ECU. They are good guys.

12-10-12, 22:28
I have a Squadra and never use RON98 - always on 95 with no ill effects after 8 years.
I am probably not getting the best performance but it is more affordable.

12-03-13, 07:17
I got the car with Squadra chip and would like to test the original chip. I'm experiencing a slight notch on the overrun and was thinking maybe the original programming is a bit smoother. I get a slight jerk on lower gears when I lift the throttle.

I'm also puzzled if there's some excess play in the rear diff. How would other Q4 owners describe the driveline? Does it feel very tight or is some play normal? The play is noticable on transition from overrun to throttle. It's slight but I do notice it.

12-03-13, 14:33
With the Squadra chip, what is the boost pressure? 98 Octane is not available is South Africa, you can get to places that do not have 95 octane fuel.

In my opinion, with any turbo car an open exhaust is needed to get the turbo to spin quicker.

abarth 22
12-03-13, 17:53
I also have squadra chip it's good

Steve Webb
12-03-13, 18:54
In my opinion, with any turbo car an open exhaust is needed to get the turbo to spin quicker.

Same here, all the techie exhaust stuff for a turbo car happens between the head and turbo. After the Turbo you just want to dump the gases as quickly and easily as possible.

12-03-13, 22:10
I have the lanciahf.eu stage 1 chip in my Coupe at the moment. Designed to run on 95RON and can make up to 245hp at 1.3bar. Thats really the absolute maximum with the standard turbo. I'm not sure if it works in a Q4.

12-03-13, 22:29
I have one too, best chip ever fo standard Q4s.