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Steve Webb
26-09-12, 10:37
Hi Chaps,

we are looking into stocking the innovate range of products in the shop. Innovate specialise in Lambda sensors as I am sure some of you know as you already use the LC-1 wideband Lambda sensor or the MTX-L sensor\gauge kit.

Innovate motorsports website (http://www.innovatemotorsports.com)

Innovate catalog (http://www.berlinasportivo.com/forumpics/Innovate_2012.pdf)

So if you would like to get hold of any innovate product at a very competitive price before we stock them in the shop, then please let me know, either by posting up here with your name and what you are after, or by pm/email


30-09-12, 12:16
Definately interested in a LC-1 wideband Lambda sensor or the MTX-L sensor\gauge kit.

01-10-12, 07:49
I'm in also and want the LMA-3 "Auxbox

Steve Webb
05-10-12, 22:41
Anyone else? We only need a couple more people and we can then offer the innovate range of products at a very (and by very I mean less than rrp) competitive prices.

06-10-12, 08:06
Sorry, I missed this one on replying :blush:
Depending on the offer, I am in the market for an DL-32.

They only haven't supported GPS integration yet :unsure:

19-10-12, 12:35

Any news or progress on this subject?

Steve Webb
19-10-12, 17:36
Nothing new just yet, we really need a couple more MTX-L orders to make it viable. I'll sort out the prices we can offer for what we have interest in so far.

Steve Webb
21-10-12, 09:18
These are the prices we have worked out so far. There will be extra to pay for the shipping, I can't tell you what that will be at the moment as I am still waiting for confirmation from Innovate for the USA=>Europe costs.

LC-1 €170 / 140
MTX-L €177 / 147
LMA-3 €207 / 171
DL-32 €405 / 335

As soon as I have the shipping details I will update the prices.

21-10-12, 09:49
Cheers Steve.

22-10-12, 08:06
Sound good Steve:thumb:
No extra costs due to import taxes?

Steve Webb
22-10-12, 18:16
Bad news Marc, I've just been informed by Innovate that they no longer manufacture the DL-32.
I'll get back onto them to see if there is anything new in the pipeline to take its place.

22-10-12, 18:22

I was afraid of this. I couldn't find the DL-32 in their shop anymore.
Hopefully they have something similar to replace the DL-32, but I fear the worst.

Steve Webb
22-10-12, 19:11
The guy from Innovate has got back to me and suggested the LMA-3 alongside their PL-1 pocket logger. (http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/pl1.php)

The PL-1 is going to be around 99

Is this any good for you Marc?

22-10-12, 19:43
I will have a look at it Steve.

Steve Webb
24-10-12, 21:52
Have you managed to take a look at the PL-1 Marc?

From what I can gather you can log to it from a chain of MTX gauges as well. Looks pretty handy actually.

24-10-12, 22:15
Had a quick look at it, haven't made up my mind :blush:
I also want to compare it to a couple of alternatives.

03-11-12, 17:39
I've been thinking Steve, but I don't like the idea of more components in the car for the same function where the DL-32 was up for the job.

Maybe I'll buy one of ebay before none are available anymore or I'll leave it alone for now.

Steve Webb
03-11-12, 20:30
Cheers for letting me know Marc, it seems as though Innovate are moving towards a more modular product lineup.