View Full Version : Lancia / Alfa q4 sump

29-08-12, 20:21
Can anyone tell me if the lancia delta and Alfa 155 q4 sumps are the same?

thanks in advance guys

hf hpe
05-09-12, 19:18
first series delta with 4x4 transmission use the same sump like Q4

05-10-12, 10:50
What about the latest, I thought that all of the 4x4 delta's use the same sump, maybe exept the EVO's...

05-10-12, 17:30
There are a lot of different sump types!

8V grale, 8V kat, 16V have different sumps. Not sure about EVO. Dedra sump is also different.

A lot of people assume that they are all the same. But they are not.

Steve Webb
05-10-12, 18:11
Also the sump is made up of multiple pieces, which complicates things even further.

19-01-16, 00:59
I know this is a very old topic, sorry for bringing it up again :P

But, i do need to know if a Lancia Dedra 8v Sump fits the Gen2 Delta HPE 16v engine?
I try to get all the parts necessary to build a Integrale HPE. And i have got at Dedra integrale as a donor car.

Pls it would help me alot if someone could tell me any information about this!
Thank you :)