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Steve Webb
20-06-12, 21:30
After some work in the background we are just about ready to go live with the parts consortium, if enough of the people who expressed an interest want to go ahead with it.

Attached to this post is a document outlining what the consortium is all about, the cost, and the benefits to members.

We will only go forward with the scheme if we get at least 10 people wanting to join initially. You can join at any point in the future is you so wish.

When/if we get enough responses, a new section of the forum will be created especially for members to discus parts for the consortium to buy, along with parts seen for sale, and the running of the consortium in general.

So please, take a look at the document, and if you want to join, and are prepared to join immediately send me a pm and let me know. If I get 10 positive responses, we'll move on to the next step.



20-06-12, 21:37
No attachments as yet..;)

Steve Webb
20-06-12, 21:48
My mistake, just a small issue with a duplicate attachment.

20-06-12, 22:32
I am in. I will send you money next week

Steve Webb
21-06-12, 08:07
Please, everyone, don't send any money just yet. We need to get at least 10 people who want to take part to make this feasible.
At the moment we have 4 people, once we have the 10 people committed I'll let you all know so you can send the money through.

21-06-12, 10:58
I'm in but payment will have to be in a few weeks to the end of July as moving on 21st of July.

Steve Webb
22-06-12, 22:39
Hi Chris, thats not going to be a problem. I'm just looking for firm commitment from people now.

Oh and I've just set up the consortium space on the forum. Its a Members only forum I'm affraid , so you need to be in it to see it.

03-07-12, 11:40
I'm in Steve. Sorry too busy these days so we are not showing up lately. Just let me know when we should send the money and will proceed. Cheers. Juan

Steve Webb
03-07-12, 21:01
I'll add you to the group, so you'll see a couple of new sections soon. All the detailed stuff will be dealt with in there.