View Full Version : Overrun address

19-05-12, 14:03
Does anyone knows if there is an address in 101.05 chip to control the injectors in overrun?

Steve Webb
19-05-12, 15:11
When you say overrun do you mean with a trailing throttle, or a completely closed throttle?

I thought that on modern injected engines the injectors were shut off completely when the throttle was closed and the car was coasting.

19-05-12, 16:09
Yes you are right Steve. When the throttle is closed the injectors are completelly off until 1600 rpm that they are on again to stabilize the idle. But if we can control that I could make a middle antilag system. Nick knew a lot of our ecu. I tried to contact his wife (Georgia) if she could help us with his xdf but no response