View Full Version : F1 Germany 2011

Steve Webb
24-07-11, 20:09
Has anyone else noticed the shift in commentary on the F1 races? Watching today DRS and KERS seemed to be mentioned an awful lot less than in previous races.
And they actually seemed to be racing each other during this race with plenty of action at the front.

Just my opinion, but I thought it was the best race of the year so far.

25-07-11, 08:25
Just watched it..great race. Agree the emphasis was off the DRS - it seemed far less effective there - this track they said has a lot more action down in to the first turn. They were able to run close out of the chicane which may have been helped by the DRS zone.

Steve Webb
25-07-11, 18:22
I think the first 2 or 3 turns of the Nurburgring are up there with the best of any track anywhere, the gradient changes along with the way the turns string together makes for some interesting battles there.
The DRS certainly seemed to bring the cars together more, rather than just letting drivers overtake at will down the straight.

The weather certainly made things interesting as well, the dry track, but wet edges made sure that the drivers had to stay on the track rather than drifting wide in places. As both Vettel and Schumacher found out.

Steve Webb
25-07-11, 18:46
Oh and another thing, whats happened to the top drivers? They seem to have changed back from the corporate drones that they have become recently, into real people.

First Mark Webber gives Alonso a ride back to the pits, apparently with Fernando tapping Marks helmet getting him to slow down!! And then Lewis vaults the barriers to hug the team.
Both of which are big no-nos with the FIA.

Good for them, I say.