View Full Version : Tuner pro checksum help.

Steve Webb
22-07-11, 06:48
Hi guys,

I got an email asking for some help with a checksum calculation for an XDF tuner pro file last night.
Any of you lot got experience with this sort of thing?

18-08-11, 07:49
Hi Steve, well, when you make changes with tuner pro or other software, checksum is changed... i think that it doesn't matter if checksum is different. i tuned my Q4 by myself with tuner pro and checksum of course now it is different. but if you learn something tell me please, just to know something more. i make a lot of chances with tuner pro. i even change rpms brake points etc

29-08-11, 12:15
Hi, it was my question, "reposted" here by Steve.

"fortunately" Q4 doesnt have check light on dashboard, so only problems can be with diagnostic tools, i think.
I made remote mapinging for one friend of our Italiancars community. No problem at all.
Only settings of boost was bit lumpy, but its another story ;)