View Full Version : The curse of Pau.

Steve Webb
14-05-11, 05:02
So its 5.45am here at the moment and I'm just about to set off for the Pau historic GP and yet again its throwing it down and we are in the middle of a bloody thunderstorm. Been dry here for months now, yet Pau rolls around and the weather is crap. Happens every year, or so it seems.

Steve Webb
15-05-11, 08:28
Well the weather didn't get any better yesterday, and there didn't seem to be as many interesting cars, but all in all it was a good day, apart from sneaky gendarmes hiding in hedges on the trip home.

Got loads of pics so I'll sort them out and post some up.

15-05-11, 20:00
Does seem to rain at the French historic events. Remember Angouleme '09!

Steve Webb
16-05-11, 09:26
Ahh yes there was a spot of rain then wasn't there.

I think it stopped raining whilst the GP cars were on track, and then the sun came out when I was on my way home.