View Full Version : I don't think the term 'Steering Wheel' covers it any more.

Steve Webb
09-04-11, 09:00
Here is a short video from Mercedes Petronas with Nico Rosberg explaining some of the features of this years F1 steering wheel.

And I find hitting the horn button in the middle tricky!

F1 steering wheel explanation (http://www.wired.com/autopia/2011/04/video-f1-steering-wheels-explained)

09-04-11, 11:30
No stereo buttons...in a car costing as much as that? :?


Steve Webb
19-04-11, 08:43
I heard an interview with a certain J Button yesterday, his excuse for stopping in the wrong pit box in China was that he was on his way into the pits, adjusting some settings on the wheel, looked up and just pulled in.

Seems like the complicated wheels can distract even the best of them.