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Steve Webb
26-03-11, 09:49
Looks like F1 is carrying on from where it left off last year with Red Bull on top after the Australia qualifying.
Just a shame that Hamiltons KERS wasn't working for the final qualifying session, its said to be worth 0.3 seconds per lap, but how much of a hindrance is it carrying the extra weight with it not working?

Also a few drivers seemed to be having issues with the new tyres, they didn't seem to be able to get enough heat into them to get them to work fully. Seems a strange situation as their wear rates are higher.

26-03-11, 19:24
Hamiltons Kers wasnt working but the Red Bulls wasnt used it either in their hotlaps for whatever reason. So that 0.3sec doesnt matter albeit Hamiltons Kers failure affected the brake balance.

I hope the Bulls cant maintain their qualifying pace in the whole race and the McLarens can keep up with them.

Steve Webb
26-03-11, 20:03
Didn't know about the Redbull's KERS, the reporting we get on the BBC tends to be a little biased.
Should be interesting tomorrow to see how many pitstops for tyres are needed for the race.

Steve Webb
27-03-11, 10:24
It actually looks like the Redbull KERS was removed from the cars after Friday practice. So much for all the people saying that you'd need KERS this year to go quickly.

It also looks like Pirelli got their act together with the tyres wear rates as well.

27-03-11, 12:14
Just read up on the KERS system...80bhp boost :cool: Wonder how long it'll be before reaching everyday road cars :cool:



Steve Webb
27-03-11, 17:48
Porsche has tried KERS out as well in GT racing, its a more powerful system made by Williams running at 120kW and drives the front wheels.
Not sure I'd want to sit next to a KERS flywheel running at 40,000rpm during a race though.

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