View Full Version : BTCC - finally going to be interesting again?

Steve Webb
25-03-11, 17:34
The lineup for the forthcoming btcc season was released yesterday, I was a fan in the late 1980's with the Cosworths and of course in the mid 90's with the 155, but since then it has been on the decline, fewer and fewer manufacturers and all the cars started to look the same.

Well it looks like they have finally stopped the rot, new regulations to make the whole thing cheaper have meant there are more teams and drivers than in the past few years. Which begs the question, how long until we see an Alfa back on a British touring car grid?

Heres a link to all the teams\drivers BTCC 2011 (http://www.btcc.net/html/generalnews_detail.php?id=2294)

25-03-11, 20:01
I watched the last race of the 2009 season and was amazed by how close and good the racing was - I watched 2010 and enjoyed it. Will have a read of the new regs.

Steve Webb
26-03-11, 08:51
Oh I always thought the racing was close, sometimes a little too close with a certain Mr Plato, but a few years back it was rapidly heading towards a 1 or 2 marque series. I'm just relieved that there are a decent number of manufacturers back in it.

Watching a little WtCC coverage this morning, it looks like the Chevrolets are going to be up at the front of the grid.