View Full Version : Fiat Zagato Coupe

Steve Webb
16-03-11, 10:24

Quite like this to be honest. So do you think it will ever see the light of day?

16-03-11, 20:40
Are they just teasing us in searching for some reactions?

Nice car, especially the roof and wheels. I would be curious about the price, can't be cheap.

Steve Webb
17-03-11, 07:07
Well they have made one so far, I can see it doing well as an Abarth version, not so much as just a regular 500 version though.

And no doubt it won't be cheap, there won't be much space in the rear either.

17-05-11, 12:48
Love it - now that would do me just fine in Taiwan, although I reckon my wife will still insist on a Rav 4 or something similar to carry the cats around in!
I had a Seicento Schumacher when they first came out, and embarrassingly (?) had a Ferrari flag on the rear shelf and other Schuey/Ferrari memorabilia in and on it! It was my daily 70 mile round trip commuter and it always brought a smile to my face, although I reckon some of my back problems might have stemmed from overly enthusiastic 70 miles a day in that - hey, it was just one of those cars!

alexandre garcia
13-02-16, 22:50
Liked a lot too. Wish so much it goes into production.