View Full Version : The Alfa 155 Race cars.

Steve Webb
14-02-11, 19:50
Everyone knows about the 155 BTCC, ITC and DTM cars, but what years did they race?

BTCC 1994-1995
DTM 1995-6-?

And the 155 D2 race car has popped up recently (on of the new magazine articles), what did that race in and when?

Be good to be able to compile a full 155 racecar timeline.


15-02-11, 00:19
I did this a while ago for my website but have just taken it down :lol:

Will copy 'n' paste it...

But, D2 was just the Supertouring 2L class iirc.

There was also the STC (Spanish) which Alfa won in 92 with a GTA....plus several other lesser well known series such as the Australian Touring Cars which still featured a 155 in 1997.

ITC is basically the DTM series from 1996 iirc, but 155s were in the DTM series from 1992 I think...with a GTA, 1993 on was V6.