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03-02-11, 12:24
Does anyone have tuner pro definitioon files for Lancia 8 v and lancia 16 v

The Prograle site has died along with my hard drive !

03-02-11, 21:17
Hi Klemen, I have dozens of XDF's - and i think all the ones from the prograle site. PM me your email address and I will zip em up and email them to you!

cheers, jim..

Steve Webb
03-02-11, 22:21
You got any there that we don't have on the ECU page on the site Jim? ECU page (http://www.berlinasportivo.com/Technical/ECU/q4ecu.php) if so can you send them through so I can get them hosted?


04-02-11, 11:13
Well jim was nice and sent me the xdf files but they are all for 16V computers does anyone have the 8 V xdf ?

05-03-11, 21:35
Well jim was nice and sent me the xdf files but they are all for 16V computers does anyone have the 8 V xdf ?

i have only for 16v too.

15-03-11, 09:04
After some data recovery procedures i got the xdfs :D for the 8v so if anyone needs it email me

klemen.rozina at gmail.com

Steve Webb
15-03-11, 09:13
If you stick them all in an email to me, I'll get them hosted up on the website.

I've just transfered to ECU and hexmap pages over to the new site, you should be able to see the pages at the bottom of the 155 & Q4 page in the Workshop & Tech section.


Steve Webb
18-03-11, 10:21
Big thanks go out to Stuntz for sending me through some new xdf files. These have been uploaded to the ECU page on the website.
I think I have labelled them up correctly, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know.

young olds
06-04-18, 03:23
I need help downloading xdf files, I was able to simply click on the bin file and they started downloading, when I click on them it loads another page/tab with text of what I assume is the file in a readable format. Am I missing something? I am new to tunerpro so I’m still learning how this all works.

Steve Webb
07-04-18, 13:18
You'll need to right click the files and then choose save as. Most browsers see them as a readable file and try to open them instead of downloading them.

If you still have problems just let me know.

young olds
07-04-18, 18:25
It worked, thanks. Figured itd be something easy.