View Full Version : What events are you looking forward to?

Steve Webb
03-12-10, 12:06
Its almost the end of the year, so what events are you looking forward to next year?

I'm going to try and get to the Pau historic GP again, great event with an amazing selection of historic cars and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Pau Historic GP (http://www.grandprixdepauhistorique.com/)

They always hold it in May, so packing the waterproofs is a must.

I might also get back to Angouleme in September, but it does tend to clash with some of the interesting local events.

Angouleme Circuit des Remparts (http://www.circuit-des-remparts.com/index2.php?id_page=1&lang=uk&circuit_remparts=5d79082a98731203347ba6e72861c513)

03-12-10, 19:56
Just the UK ones for me, sadly I'll have to go in the SZ as the Q4 is still off the road :redface:

National Alfa Day is usually good, as are most of them tbh...although they're all static events.


Steve Webb
25-01-11, 11:30
I'm going to try and get down to Nogaro as well this year, not too far away and it looks like their Historic GP is worth a visit.

Nogaro Historic GP (http://www.circuit-nogaro.com/fr/62-51-eme-grand-prix-de-nogaro-historique.html)

Steve Webb
18-03-11, 18:20
Not really motorsport related but this is just down the road so I'm gonna pop along to see what its like.

Bordeaux Auto Retro (http://www.bordeauxautoretro.com/)

19-03-11, 00:24
Another five weeks for the first UK Alfa event I'm going to :(

Although I had a phone call the other day to go to a local pub meet of Italian cars in a couple of weeks :cool:


Steve Webb
23-03-11, 10:13
So which car you taking Wrinx, or is it going to be a case of which one is running on the morning? :lol:

24-03-11, 00:02
The ways things are going you might be close to the truth!

JTD has flashed up a glow plug error and the SZ has sprung a coolant leak and needs brake pads :lol:

Bloody cars...