View Full Version : Delta manuals.

Steve Webb
21-11-10, 09:45
I've finally been catching up on some housekeeping on the main website and there are now available a whole load of Delta manuals. They can be found Here (http://www.berlinasportivo.com/marquespec/lancia/lancia.php) and include models from the HF4wd up to the Evo 2

26-11-10, 08:09
Hi Steve,

That's a great resource, excellent effort.


Steve Webb
26-11-10, 11:15
No worries Nik, if anyone else has any manuals etc that they think would be helpful to others then send them through to me and I'll get them hosted and linked to.


26-11-10, 17:15
I was going to offer some of my collection but you uploaded all the modern ones the same day! :lol:


26-11-10, 20:11
yes, there is some very detailed information in these manuals - the clutch for example.. it actually tells you how to remove the release bearing and has pictures.. I wish I had had these when I was just starting out with this car :)