View Full Version : Chip q4

13-05-10, 22:28
Has anyone tried this:

http://global.ebay.com/Performance_Chip_Tuning_Alfa_Romeo_155_Q4_2L16VT_3 5bhp/270578205700/item

13-05-10, 23:08
looks ok..
probably great for standard cars

but I am going the expensive route tuning the boost pressure and fuel/air ratio to my car specifically as I have bigger turbo, forged pistons and rods, progressive fuelpressurizer, steel head gasket and so on..

16-05-10, 15:22
For a standard car i would suggest to use squadra.

A lot of Q4 owners are very happy with it, and well worth the money. I have one myself.

The problems found with other chips has been mentioned on his site also.