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Steve Webb
06-12-08, 09:39
Did I just hear correctly that the first stage of the first day of Rally GB was cancelled due to "ice on the road"

What is the world coming to?

06-12-08, 10:14
Sounds like carnage!!

Bit weird aout stopping it for ice, they are bloody rally cars and they have driven in Sweden on the stuff!

Steve Webb
06-12-08, 10:23
Doesn't look like much fun, but then again its not supposed to be easy is it.

One thing springs to mind though, how in the hell can 2 people in a fully prepared rally car need to be airlifted to hospital after crashing with a LR Disco when no one in the Disco is reported as injured?
One things for certain, they don't make rally drivers/cars like they used to.

06-12-08, 16:22
Em the trouble are the control tires! If they would be alowed to use spikes no trouble this way its only frigin dangerous..

This is the impreza YouTube - wrc atkinson crashed car wales 2008

07-12-08, 22:54
What a bunch of wusses...bit of T-cut and it's be ready for the next rally!


Steve Webb
08-12-08, 19:09
Aye, I remember when the RAC used to be a proper rally, not a sedate tour of the Cardiff ring road!