View Full Version : Anyone know this car?

26-05-08, 23:56
I've seen a couple of piccies now and again, is driven by Franz Nowak and think it competes in an some Euro (Austrian) hill climb events, anyone know anything about it?

I'd love to know more, it looks like an awesome piece of kit!

27-05-08, 07:03
Engine is from gabat tuning about 600 competitive hp when i get hom ill try to find my pictures of the beast. it also runs in some slovenian Hill climbs i think im going to see it in one month on Rogla hill climb. And yes it maks a hell of a sound. If you want sometnihg specific write it down and ill ask him when i get to the race.

27-05-08, 23:55
Ok, thanks very much for the offer, I'll PM you some stuff later. He's always pictured with Felix Pailers car, I wondered if there was any similarities between the two apart from both running in the same races?
Are Gabat Tuning Austrian?

Steve Webb
28-05-08, 07:05
Yep Gabat are Austrian, the Q4 ER2 Race car is prepared by them as well. They seem to have a very good reputation indeed.